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Rain simulator test bench



Unicom present the last test bench, a simulator of rain for motorcycles

It’s realization for Ducati Motor spa realized during april 2010.

It’s a endurance testing bench that simulate the situation of rain in order to test completely electric lighting set .


It’s possible to vary pressure and direction of water in automatic cycle during the test.

The bench is managed by PLC Siemens and program is derivated from  famous    developed from Unicom engineer .


It’s possible to see the movie of this Endurance testing bench on

For more information pls contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Motorcycles Benches

This month Unicom presents 2 interesting, and as usual, highly revolutionary products:

  • Roller Bench for hybrid 2 wheel veichles
  • Engine Bench with an integrated gearbox actuator

The first Bench, built for Piaggio,  is the first in italy that tests hybrid vehicles, and it is located at Pontedera in Piaggio factory. Its strenght is the ability to completely test a traditional vehicle in a dynamic way and also the capacity to perform a specific test for an hybrid vehicle.









The second test bench is dynamic and it's made for endurance tests. It has an integrated gear actuator for the automatic test cycle. This solution offers the ability to add at the engine test also the gearbox and the clutch tests; in fact, it's possible to set not only the accelerator but also the clutch (for force and timing) and the gearbox in an integrated way on the automated cycle.

Both test benches are integrated with a mixed logic, as Unicom legacy, PLC-PC, providing a great realiability, rensponsness and safety for the operators.


For any furthere information, please don't hesitate to contact us  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


New Unicom Site

Finally the new Unicom Group site is under development

After a careful analysis  LPS Soluzioni Informatiche has been charged for the developement of the new site. The new site will be developed under the Joomla platform to assure maximal customer autonomy. It will be also managed the newsletter subscription.


Schiranna Installation

:: 07.10.2008 - Unicom is proud to announce that in August 2008 it has been installed in the factory on Schiranna (VA) the engine assembly line and the final motorcycle assembly line, both subjected to heavy revamping. This kind of intervention in assembly line for engines and motorcycle are a technical pride for Unicom, that can boast multiple technical solutions in this application field.


Husqvarna Installation

:: 07.10.2008 - Unicom its proud to announce that in the month of August 2008 it has been installed in the Husqvarna factory at Biandronno (VA) the new assembly line for engines and the new motor testing departement with cold test benches for just assembled engines. This type of benches are Technical pride for Unicom. Unicom can pride multiple technical solution built in this application field.


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